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This is a guest post by Lynn Baillie, a successful entrepreneur and business coach.


If you have your own business online it is very important to brand yourself so that your site visitors know who they are dealing with. Having a good picture of you helps people make an instant connection with you which is the start of building trust – that all important ingredient when it comes to doing business with you and your company. There are many ways to do this but in this post I’ll cover the use of the Gravatar.


What Is A Gravatar

A Gravatar may sound like something from another planet but it simply stands for
Globally Recognized Avatars. Still confused, OK let me explain some more.

Your Gravatar is an image, preferably of you, that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you comment or post on a blog. So your Gravatar helps identify you alongside the contribution you’ve just added to a blog or a web forum.

basic grey avatar

Just to illustrate, here’s what you’ll look like when you comment on a blog site without a Gravatar. It certainly does nothing to brand you on the web!

I’m sure you’ll agree it looks far better to have a picture of a real person instead of that grey image when you add a comment on a blog site.


Getting Your Very Own Gravatar – the Brand of YOU!

Here’s the process if you’d like your own Gravatar to help develop the brand of you:

    1. Click the Gravatar link above
    2. Fill out a few details about you
    3. Upload a picture of yourself
    4. Link it to your email address

Now, every time you use that same email address on any Gravatar enabled website your picture will show up alongside your comments. It also allows others to find out more about who you are and ways to connect with you such as via any social media options you may have included in the setting up of your Gravatar (this part is optional).

If you wish to use multiple email addresses online, you can set up a different image for each one. Then choose the image you wish to associate with each different email address. You might for example have one image for personal use and one for business.

When you first set up an image, or you change your image, it may take a little while for the image to appear. If it doesn’t show up right away just clear your browser cache and restart your browser and the image should show up.


Gravatar – The Movie!

Here’s a short video that’ll show you the full benefits of getting your own Gravatar. You’ll be sold by the end of it – oh and did I say it was FREE?

The Advantages of Having a Gravatar

    • Gravatars make it possible for a person to have one avatar across the entire web

    • Having your own Gravatar encourages more comments and creates a more professional interaction between the author and those commenting on your site

    • It gives the sense that you are interacting with a real person

    • It makes it easier to communicate with them and makes a stronger connection with the person

    • They are really simple to setup and use

    • Using a Gravatar is a great way to get that brand of you across

Using a Gravatar is a better way to communicate with someone on a more personal level. When you see a photo of a real person it gives a message that develops trust. By contrast, you tend to be less sure of the people that don’t reveal their identity. They may be genuine people but taking that extra step of setting up your Gravatar increases the brand of you and the trust people will have in you.

Not only that, but using a consistent image to represent yourself around the web can help improve your branding. Using a Gravatar is an easy way to do that.

Basically, having your own Gravatar is a very simple way to add that all important personal touch to your blog that can help promote conversation and a measure of trust which build relationships with those who leave comments on your site.

Has this been helpful? I’d love to get your thoughts and feedback in the comments below if this has helped you take a step closer to developing the brand of you.

Lynn Baillie at Edinburgh Castle for Photoshoot

This is a guest post by Lynn Baillie, of a blog site helping others to achieve financial freedom.


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