About Peter Mead

Peter Mead - Recognition Award 2019Peter Mead is an award-winning WordPress SEO Consultant with a focus on Technical SEO and Content Marketing. He is a speaker and presenter for several groups and events. Peter is active in the SEO community including being a co-organiser of the Melbourne SEO Meetup.

Having many years of digital experience starting in 1997, Peter thrives on challenges and some of his key areas include:

  • WordPress SEO Strategy and Execution
  • Content Marketing and Content Strategy
  • Organic and Paid Traffic Generation Techniques
  • Technical SEO and Analysis

Peter is appreciated for his analytical and strategic experience combined with his strong work ethic and friendly demeanour. Peter is endeavouring toward a genuine, authentic, quality contribution to clients and the broader SEO industry.

Some of Peter’s roles include:

WordPress SEO Consultant: Peter Mead iT https://petermeadit.com/
Co-Organiser: Melbourne SEO Meetup https://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-SEO/

Winner: SEMrush Awards Special Recognition Award 2019 https://www.semrushawards.com.au/2019-winners

How I can help you succeed

Karl Witkowski - Shoeshine Boy, 1891As a WordPress SEO Consultant I’ve spent countless hours working on Web Strategy as the key for high performing websites and blogs. Careful thought and planning is required, no quick fixes or cheap and nasty will really work in today’s highly competitive Internet ecosystem. So many Websites and Blogs on every street corner of the Web, they’re a dime a dozen. But which Websites and Blogs have the best performance value? Which of among the multitude are cashing in on Rankings and Traffic to make massive fortunes, and millions of dollars? Those with a strong strategy, or just any old site on the street corner, quick, cheap and nasty?

So how can I get my Blog ranking you ask? How can I get my Website found in Google? How do I make WordPress work for me? These are some of the questions I have been working on since 1997 when I first started coding in HTML 3.2. When all you needed to make a successful website was a simple text editor and some basic HTML. Then just put some keywords on the site and the search engines would crawl the web and find your site. That was then, this is now.

Needless to say, the Internet has changed dramatically over the years, and continues to change rapidly. Sometimes Google makes a change to the way their search engine algorithm works and then thousands of websites can drop out of the Google search results. Sometimes even forcing the owner to go our of business due to traffic drying up overnight. Sounds harsh but it does happen.

Staying on top of the game can be a full-time job for many business owners, keeping their websites up-to-date and current, making sure they are easily found in Google.

cashThat’s where I come in, I’m a Professional Consultant, with a strong IT Technical Background. As a WordPress Consultant I provide a range of WordPress Services to your business, from designing web pages to maintaining and optimizing the activity generated by design. I can be on-site or use off-site for special projects, and I am an adviser throughout the company’s online business cycle. Start-up businesses often employ me as a consultant prior to first launch. In the early stages of a business I work with the entrepreneur and marketing team to define the company’s goals and determine what the website should do for the business so it can become a money making asset.

As an SEO Consultant I specialize in SEO & Content Marketing Services. I monitor the Web for the popular keyword searches and discover high volume phrases valuable for the business. Skilfully incorporating those popular search phrases in to the copy of the website content. This ensures the website receives maximum visibility for the brand, and increases leads and conversions.



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