4 Content Promotion Strategies You Need to Know

Content Megaphone

Promoting Your Content Content Marketing is far from being simply an overused buzzword in the marketing industry, it’s a serious investment channel for many businesses. If you don’t have strong content promotion strategies yet, then you ought to get started. According to the Institute of Content Marketing, over 90% of brands are now investing in a content […]

Growth Hacking the #GrowBusiness Hashtag – 5 Fresh Networking Tools to Discover

Growth Hacking

Are you part of the #growbusiness team on Twitter? Do you regularly use hashtags like #accelerategrowth, #growyourbusiness, and #businessgrowth to connect with other business owners intent on growth hacking and building their brand? One of the fastest ways to increase the speed at which your business grows is to emphasize a spirit of collaboration amongst […]

WordPress Security with Wordfence

WordPress Site blocked by Firefox.

Why do you need WordPress Security? Because at time of writing there are 74,652,825 WordPress sites and millions of people using WordPress for their website or blog as a preferred platform. Unfortunately, the more it comes into the spotlight, the more it comes under attack. A bit like how Windows gets more targeted viruses than […]

SEO News Roundup Nov 2014

SEO News rondup 2014

Here is the SEO News Roundup for November 2014. I have compiled these news items from various sources and then covered them at our monthly event The Melbourne SEO Meetup. Here are the slides from the event. http://www.slideshare.net/petermeadit/seo-news-roundup-nov-2014 Significant Algo Changes Here I have listed what I think of as the most significant algo changes […]