20 Best SEO Blogs 2019 Recommended for Reading

Here’s the 20 Best SEO Blogs 2019 has to offer, it’s my pick (updated for 2019). These blogs have helped me stay current and up-to-date with the latest in the fast-paced world of SEO and they are more relevant than ever.20 best seo blogs 2019

SEO is a fast-changing discipline. I can spend hours checking out the RSS feeds, Tweets, and Blogs to get what relevant, what’s trending, what’s changing, and what’s not. Getting good quality information from the right sources certainly gives SEOs a competitive edge in the game both professionally as a business and as the artist of their craft.


1. semrush.com/blog

semrush blog

In addition to offering one of the best SEO site audit tools available, SEMRush also provides an insightful blog. Their guest authors discuss various topics on digital marketing, SEO, Social Media, and PPC, including industry news and updates.

2. moz.com/blog

moz blog

Moz is a household name among SEOs and theirs is inarguably among the best marketing blogs today. Recently they have published comprehensive step-by-step guides to website redesign, conversion optimization, and many more. Rand Fishkin, Moz’s co-founder and the “Wizard of Moz”, is a marketing guru who teaches a weekly “Whiteboard Friday” lesson on SEO, search engines, content creation, and many other topics.

3. searchengineland.com

sel blog

Search Engine Land is no doubt one of the leading daily publications today. They touch all aspects of the search marketing industry, including trends, feature announcements, and product changes. The site is led by Editor-In-Chief Matt McGee, who oversees the editorial team behind Search Engine Land and its sister publication, Marketing Land.

4. searchenginewatch.com

sewatch blog

Search Engine Watch is another leading source on everything about web search and search engine industry analysis. Their articles, written by a range of marketing professionals, feature tips, industry news, issues, and commentary. They also cover updates from Google, Bing, Yahoo, other major search engines and events.

5. seroundtable.com

seroundtable blog

Search Engine Roundtable has succeeded in reporting some of the most interesting threads taking place at the SEM forums. The Roundtable doesn’t only report on these threads but also provide greater detail into those threads. One of its more notable authors is Barry Schwartz, founder of Search Engine Roundtable and news editor of Search Engine Land.

6. searchenginejournal.com

sej blog

Search Engine Journal features the latest trends, strategies, news, and personalities in the search marketing industry. All of their articles are contributed by both in-house and independent online marketing experts. The editorial process is headed by Kelsey Jones, who is also the main host for SEJ’s podcast, Marketing Nerds.

7. seobythesea.com

seobythesea blog

SEO by the Sea is one of the most interesting full-fledged SEO blogs on the web. The blog touches on an array of different topics related to search optimization, from analytics all the way to web spam. Bill Swalski, author, president and founder of SEO by the Sea, has been engaged in professional SEO and internet marketing consulting for nearly two decades.

8. seobook.com/blog

seobook blog

As one of the leading SEO training providers, SEO Book has insightful things to say about SEO. Their blog offers relevant marketing tips, search analysis, and commentary on the evolution of the web from different perspectives.

9. seerinteractive.com/blog


Seer Interactive is a very relevant and timely SEO blog. With frequent posts by Wil Reynolds and the team, it’s a must read. Seer are fueled by the desire to be the best digital marketing consultants helping clients and others along the way.

10. kaiserthesage.com/blog

kaiserthesage blog


Kaiserthesage.com is the Philippines’ premier SEO blog by Jason Acidre. Jason is a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Manila, and his blog has a strong focus on SEO, Link building, Web Analytics and Content Marketing Strategies. It features a vast array of documented knowledge covering topics Jason has tried and tested in SEO, content marketing and link building over the years. He knows what works and by subscribing to Kaiserthesage blog you can also get the benefit of Jason’s vast knowledge and experience.


11. portent.com/blog


Ian Lurie and the team at Portent have a terrific blob with a lot of info wich you can redily use to update your own knowledge. There is alway something else about digital marketing that makes really think. Its a nice blog.

12. lostpr.es

lostpr.es blog

Lost Press is a helpful resource for articles and product reviews related to marketing, business and management. Blog author David Iwano is a marketing guru and the director of the Lost Agency, a web analytics agency focused around SEO and SEM.

13. inbound.org/blog

inbound blog

Inbound.org is primarily a community of inbound marketers who come together to interact, share ideas, and develop some of the best marketing insights on the web. Their blog has interesting pieces that not only discuss the technical aspect, but also the personal side, of running an online marketing campaign.

14. dejanseo.com.au/blog

dejan blog

DEJAN Marketing offers data-driven ideas and insights into the fast-changing SEO landscape. Dan Petrovic, blog author and managing director of DEJAN, is a leading Australian SEO strategist, innovator and event speaker.

15. marketersbraintrust.com

marketersbraintrust blog

Marketer’s Brain Trust is a useful resource for information on marketing strategies, as well as marketing campaign and business management. Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde, blog authors and company founders, have helped businesses learn and grow their online presence.

16. backlinks.com.au/blog

backlinks.com.au blog

The Backlinks blog provides game-changing tips and advice on link-building strategies, with a focus on content marketing optimization and link-building for specific niches.

17. Google Webmaster Central Blog

google webmaster central blog

The Google Webmaster Central Blog blog is official source of news and announcements. Any of the Google products webmasters use to help with search may be posted about in the blog. It may be a change to the way some of the tools work, or perhaps a rectification of some data in GSC or Analytics. If we are lucky, we may even get some information about algorithm changes. It’s important to keep abreast of what is of changes in the Google Search realm, so subscribing to this blog is a must.

18. blumenthals.com/blog

blumenthals.com blog

Mike Blumenthal, author of the blog Understanding Google Maps & Local Search, offers fresh and unique insights into Local SEO tactics, news, and troubleshooting, especially for local business owners and local search companies.

19. yoast.com/seo-blog

yoast.com blog

Yoast SEO lets you look into the different aspects and topics about SEO, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media and WordPress. The bulk of their articles are written by Joost de Valk, CEO and founder of the company, who’s also an experienced WordPress developer.

20. raventools.com/blog

raventools.com blog

Like their products and services, Raven Tools runs a data-driven blog offering fresh insights, information, and industry ideas to marketers everywhere.

Staying up-to-date with these SEO Blogs

I really wanted to list many more of the awesome SEO Blogs I read for you too. But you might say it’s already time consuming to stay up-to-date with all these SEO blogs I have listed as best picks for 2018. So how do you do Stay up-to-date with all this info?  You can make sure you stay connected with their posts by subscribing to their RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Newsletters, Google+, and whatever channels they are active on. Just try typing /feed on the end of the url so see their feeds, like petermeadit.com/feed and user your fav feed reader. SEO is a fast paced occupation, to it’s well worth staying informed.


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  11. SEMRush is one of the best SEO site audit tools, i got more helps from this tool for preparing the site audit reports. Search engine land leads the daily publications today, which is interlinks to marketing industry, including trends, feature announcements, and product changes and also search engine watch is another leading source on web search and search engine industry analysis. Top of the search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bingo, Baidu, Yandex, i suggest you to refer this URL you can get the more benefits from this. Thank you for this useful information keep posting.

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