Beautiful WordPress Design makes customers happy

To give background on how Beautiful WordPress Design makes customers happy, I want to share with you a video of a TED talk from 2003, where design critic Don Norman talks about beauty, pleasure and emotion, and design that makes people happy. Take a look and then read on if your still interested Beautiful WordPress Design.

A visitor to your site will make up their mind about your products or services before they have even seen them, based on the usability of your website, and how it makes them feel. We can use SEO to improve visitor traffic to your website however, once they are on your website landing page, their emotions determine if to stay or go.

A major website success factor is conversion rates for sales. However, many potential sales go begging because the customer cannot find the content they need, making them feel frustrated. If you’re visitors don’t trust your site because of the way it looks or its usability, they wont make a purchase because they don’t feel happy about it. Remember, Beautiful WordPress Design makes customers happy, so they will be more likely to make a purchase. Is this true for you too?

smileyGuidelines for Beautiful WordPress Design to make your customers happy

Navigation Design – make it simple, attractive and obvious

Simple and attractive navigation aids the visitors to your website to find what they are trying to find, feelings will be beneficial towards your site if they can navigate comfortably.

  • Menu – Make sure the navigation is in the same place on every page, helping your visitors feel comfortable about navigating your website. Otherwise the will get frustrated and confused if menus disappear and appear unpredictably as they navigate your site.
  • Links – Give your website visitors a feeling of confidence by knowing where a link will take them before they have to click on it to just to find out.
  • Logo – Use familiarity by making sure your logo is in the top left hand corner of the website and that when they click it they get taken to the home page. This is a common with WordPress Design, and visitors will have expectations.
  • Search – Include a search box to help your potential customers easily find things on your website. Quickly locating information they need will will give them more confidence in your site.

Content design – create readable, interesting, authentic information

An attractive web design attracts visitors and then good content keeps your visitors engaged and invites them to visit again.

  • Keywords – when writing content, think of the search engines and the keywords that people will be using to search for and hopefully find your information. Think of the visitors reading it and make sure it is on topic for the keywords; does it solve their problem?
  • Headings – Be sure each page has an attractive heading, which offer information statements, so visitors feel like reading on.
  • Content – Make it easy to scan, people don’t usually read all of your page. Instead they will scan down the page looking for what they need. Emphasize your most important points with colors, bold letters or header tags. When they spot what they are after, they will feel like reading more.

Brand Design – Support your branding by making it look and feel great

An attractive brand strengthens your visitors’ impression of trust for your website. If your branding is strong and memorable, it will imprint in your visitors mind and the feeling of familiarity, will be associated with your products.

  • Fonts – typefaces and colors should be consistent. Select fonts and colors carefully, make sure they are used consistently throughout you website.
  • Layout – make sure your page layouts are constant. A good Premium WordPress Theme for eCommerce such as WooThemes, will ensure a feeling of consistency about your page structure.

Visitor Feedback – Infer a feeling of authenticity, allow communication and feedback

If visitors are about to make a purchase from your store they need to feel they are able to communicate with the store owner if they have a question or feedback about any products or services. Make it easy for them to contact you.

  • Feedback – keep forms short and make them accessible. Clearly indicate what fields are required to avoid confusion and dismay from error messages about required or incorrect fields.
  • Contact – Give your full contact details, including any relevant information such as business telephone number, fax number, postal address and email address. This will help visitors feel confident they are dealing with a legitimate business.

Website Testing – Make sure your website works prior to launching

With a lot of rapid website design happening these days, it is very important not to forget to test that your design works, adding to the feeling of confidence for your visitors.
Browsers – Check to make sure your website loads properly in all browsers

  • Links – Test all the links on your site, make sure they are all working properly to avoid frustration and Google penalties.
  • Errors – Check carefully that there are not any errors occurring on your site. Visitors will not feel good about errors.
  • Spell-check – Check all content for grammatical errors and any misspelled words, and correct them asap. Spelling errors are easy to miss, use a spell-check or ask someone else to check the content.
  • Speed – Testing your website load times is critical for your visitors feelings about your website. The customer will leave if it is slow, but Google will downgrade your site too.

I have outlined here how Beautiful WordPress Design makes customers happy, and I have given some guidelines to get you thinking about how to achieve it, and start getting better results with your WordPress website. If your current WordPress Theme doesn’t meet these guidelines, what can you do?

Thankfully WordPress is one of the most technically accessible website platforms in the world. You can hire a Web Designer to make any changes to your current theme, or create you a new one from scratch. This is money well spent if you are serious about results.

You can also get a professional WordPress Theme Design, install it and configure it yourself. This is a cost effective way to get a Beautiful WordPress Design and make those customers happy. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Beautiful WordPress Design makes customers happy

  1. Great list. I found you via the Ultimate Blog Challenge. In February I’m teaming up with a WordPress developer to teach an 8 week course that empowers service entrepreneurs to design, write, and market their own sites. Looking forward to connecting further.

  2. Great article Peter. I have been using Thesis for the past few years and find it rather klunky. I’ve been thinking about changing to another theme but am afraid it will really mess things up. What do you think? thanks!

    1. Great Questions Cindy. Sometimes it can seen like a daunting task, and there is no telling what could get messed up. There are several way you can go about this.

      You can test and configure the new Theme without your visitors seeing it. Here are a couple of plugins for that:

      Or you can do what we do by creating a test site which is a copy of your whole site away from the public eye, make all the Theme changes and test them. Then once QA is assured, the Theme can be applied.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Well put together list, Peter. I love working with WordPress and have been using the Genesis themes. It’s a terrific platform with lots of options.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Sue, Genesis is a great Framework which has a lot of options. Also be sure to backup your changes to avoid loosing them.

  4. This is one of the best articles on making a site that’s easy for users to use that I have seen. I really like the part about being authentic. I have found my most popular posts that get shared the most are written to help people. Yes paying attention to keywords is important too, but really helping people always seems to make my posts get passed around like beer at a frat party.

    I really enjoyed the thought you put into this post and got some great tips that I’m excited about trying. Thanks again.

    1. Hello Fank, thank for reading my post and thank for you honest comment here. I agree with you about the importance of authentic content. It will no longer cut it if people think they can just put cheap content up it will not work for them the way they think.

      Look forward to more from you in the future.

      Thanks again.

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