20 best seo blogs 2019

20 Best SEO Blogs 2019 Recommended for Reading

Here’s the 20 Best SEO Blogs 2019 has to offer, it’s my pick (updated for 2019). These blogs have helped me stay current and up-to-date with the latest in the fast-paced world of SEO and they are more relevant than ever. Continue reading “20 Best SEO Blogs 2019 Recommended for Reading”

blockchain search marketing futurescape meme

The Blockchain Search Marketing Futurescape

When it comes to the blockchain search marketing future, how will Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Digital Strategy play a role in the new digital marketing landscape as we see it coming. Lot’s of folk are saying we should prepare for the biggest changes we’ve seen to date. No one can say for sure, but the framework for Blockchain lays out some fundamental paradigm shifts. How can we be ready for these radical changes? Continue reading “The Blockchain Search Marketing Futurescape”

WordPress SEO trends 2017

Top 10 WordPress SEO trends for 2017

Before you craft your WordPress SEO strategy for 2017, it’s important to understand how big picture SEO trends could affect your search goals. Here are my WordPress SEO Trends for 2017.  Continue reading “Top 10 WordPress SEO trends for 2017”

Local Internet Marketing Strategy

Want a great Local Internet Marketing Strategy? I do. Yes I am just like you and I want my client’s Websites to be Found in Google like you do.

But how to do local Internet Marketing? It is not rocket science, anybody could do it if they’re ready for the big learning curve it will take them on . I have been doing it for a lot of years now, I spend lot of time perfecting my methods, and I can say it works for local businesses.
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Matt Cutts | Blog to Get Better Visibility on Google

Matt Cutts | Blog to Get Better Visibility on Google. Even Matt Cutts, the Google prodigy, said it. A Strategy to use Blogs like WordPress Also Social Networking and SEM will also get you better Visibility on Google and help your SEO efforts. It is clear that things are changing rapidly. The Panda has done his Kung Fu on the Big Blog Networks but is giving hints to us to keep Blogging… Ahh..! What does this mean!

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