4 Content Promotion Strategies You Need to Know

Content Promotion Megaphone

Promoting Your Content

Content Marketing is far from being simply an overused buzzword in the marketing industry, it’s a serious investment channel for many businesses. If you don’t have strong content promotion strategies yet, then you ought to get started. According to the Institute of Content Marketing, over 90% of brands are now investing in a content marketing and promotion strategy. Continue reading “4 Content Promotion Strategies You Need to Know”

Growth Hacking the #GrowBusiness Hashtag – 5 Fresh Networking Tools to Discover

Growth Hacking

Are you part of the #growbusiness team on Twitter? Do you regularly use hashtags like #accelerategrowth, #growyourbusiness, and #businessgrowth to connect with other business owners intent on growth hacking and building their brand? Continue reading “Growth Hacking the #GrowBusiness Hashtag – 5 Fresh Networking Tools to Discover”

Top 5 SEO Expert Blogs by the best available

My Top 5 SEO Expert Blogs by the best experts available in the Search Engine Marketing Industry. So the Olympics are under way as we speak, on my TV now, high competition in the games. How much competition do you think there is to get on the first page of Google, for your keywords? There are many other businesses that offer similar services as I do, and they all want the first page of Google too right? So how do you do it? Well the truth is anyone can do it, if they have the time and patience and willingness to learn and practice.

Google is always changing the way it ranks its results and we if we want to get on the first page, we need to stay up-to-date with what is going on in the industry. So I recommend reading and following these experts.


Rand Fishkin of SEO moz


SEOMoz – Rand Fishkin

SEOmoz Blog

Fantastic Blog about all things SEO. I am a big fan of the Whiteboard Friday posts. Rand Fishkin is a huge advocate of information for the SEO movement.

Find him on Twitter here: @randfish


Aaron WallSEO Book – Aaron Wall

SEO Book Blog

Aaron Wall has written a great book which is available for download on his site. Aaron also has a great community which has grown over the years and his blog post on SEO are second to none. This is top quality info on the world of SEO.

Find Aaron on Twitter here: @aaronwall


Marketing.com.auChris Burgess Marketing Blog – Marketing.com.au


Marketing.com.au, by Chris Burgess, are a top source of Online Marketing info. Regular posts with very high quality detailed advice. This blog holds nothing back and give full details on how to do high quality.

Find Marketing.com.au on Twitter here: @marketingcomau


David IwanowInternet Marketing Blog – David Iwanow


David Iwanow is a leading industry expert and I always check to see what David is saying on a given topic. It is a changing industry and staying up with best practices is one reason why I follow David. The other is because David is such a down to earth guy who will always help you if he can.

Follow David on Twitter here: @thelostagency


Dan PetrovicDejan SEO Blog – Dan Petrovic


Dan is a leading Australian SEO who has over 10 years experience in SEO. The information on the blog is the most up-to-date SEO news and changes in the industry.

Dan is on Twitter here: @dejanseo

Want to do your own SEO?

Moz because is an excellent way to get a control of your SEO efforts, to organize them and manage your campaigns.



Local Internet Marketing Strategy

Want a great Local Internet Marketing Strategy? I do. Yes I am just like you and I want my client’s Websites to be Found in Google like you do.

But how to do local Internet Marketing? It is not rocket science, anybody could do it if they’re ready for the big learning curve it will take them on . I have been doing it for a lot of years now, I spend lot of time perfecting my methods, and I can say it works for local businesses.
Continue reading “Local Internet Marketing Strategy”

Matt Cutts | Blog to Get Better Visibility on Google

Matt Cutts | Blog to Get Better Visibility on Google. Even Matt Cutts, the Google prodigy, said it. A Strategy to use Blogs like WordPress Also Social Networking and SEM will also get you better Visibility on Google and help your SEO efforts. It is clear that things are changing rapidly. The Panda has done his Kung Fu on the Big Blog Networks, but is giving hints to us to keep Blogging… Ahh..! What does this mean!

Continue reading “Matt Cutts | Blog to Get Better Visibility on Google”