Quality WordPress Hosting with WP Engine

wpengine peter mead itWow this is awesome, quality WordPress hosting with WP Engine, this is premium secure hosting at its best. Continue reading “Quality WordPress Hosting with WP Engine”

8 Home Business Scams action items

watch for Scams online

Starting a Home Business is a great modern day employment option. It’s a growing choice for many these days that offers the possibility of making an income while in the convenience of your own home. Continue reading “8 Home Business Scams action items”

Beautiful WordPress Design makes customers happy

To give background on how Beautiful WordPress Design makes customers happy, I want to share with you a video of a TED talk from 2003, where design critic Don Norman talks about beauty, pleasure and emotion, and design that makes people happy. Take a look and then read on if your still interested Beautiful WordPress Design. Continue reading “Beautiful WordPress Design makes customers happy”


Best WooCommerce Tutorials

I give you the best WooCommerce Tutorials that I know of. By following these tutorials you will be able to create a world class eCommerce solution with your WordPress Website. Continue reading “Best WooCommerce Tutorials”

Fast WordPress Setup 3 Step Install your Website

This is the The Bare-bones The 3 Step How to Install your WordPress Website

This is a very Bare-bones version on how to Install WordPress. For a much more detailed version read the Detailed Instructions on Installing WordPress.

3 Steps:

1. Download WordPress and extract into a directory on you local machine.

2. Create a MySQL database and a user and give access and modify privileges to the db user.

3. FTP the WordPress files to your server and run wp-admin/install.php and follow the instructions on screen.

Your done!

Well if you follow your nose your done that is. It is pretty self explanatory.

I Learned this stuff from the Famous 5-Minute Install Please go take a look at other great resources over there.