WordPress Security with Wordfence

WordPress Site blocked by Firefox.
WordPress Site blocked by Firefox.

Why do you need WordPress Security? Because at time of writing there are 74,652,825 WordPress sites and millions of people using WordPress for their website or blog as a preferred platform. Unfortunately, the more it comes into the spotlight, the more it comes under attack. Continue reading “WordPress Security with Wordfence”

SEO News Roundup Nov 2014

Here is the SEO News Roundup for November 2014. I have compiled these news items from various sources and then covered them at our monthly event The Melbourne SEO Meetup. Here are the slides from the event. Continue reading “SEO News Roundup Nov 2014”

Top 10 Local SEO factors 2014 Moz results

The Top 10 Local SEO factors 2014 are based on the Moz results from their annual popular survey. This was put together using the data from the Moz Local SEO factors survey, and a range of hands on experience with what works and what doesn’t. Local SEO different from other forms of online marketing, the individual things that we do differently are specific to make sure the business is competitive in our local town. This is in the most part, in much the same way as we would usually approach a website, as described in the slideshow. Continue reading “Top 10 Local SEO factors 2014 Moz results”

Website Design with WordPress

Website Design with WordPress, get onto the World Stage, along with a bazillion other quality WordPress Websites and Blogs.

So what is WordPress? This video explains it quite well. Continue reading “Website Design with WordPress”

Quality WordPress Hosting with WP Engine

wpengine peter mead itWow this is awesome, quality WordPress hosting with WP Engine, this is premium secure hosting at its best. Continue reading “Quality WordPress Hosting with WP Engine”