Website Design with WordPress

Website Design with WordPress, get onto the World Stage, along with a bazillion other quality WordPress Websites and Blogs.

So what is WordPress? This video explains it quite well.

I have been working with website design since 1997, in the bad old days, when a hyperlink was a cool thing and a spinning email link like a spinning e was one cool thing indeed. So why do I now feel that WordPress is the industry leader for Website Designers? Too many reasons to list them all here but below is a short list to give you an idea.

Website Design with WordPress:

  • Powers over 70 Million Websites World Wide
  • Powerful Content Management System CMS
  • Open Source Project FREE Software
  • Hundreds of Software Developers Maintain the core CMS Software
  • Constantly Evolving and Improving
  • Easily manage and update your own content and website pages
  • Easy to find support with online forums
  • Fast to hire a WordPress Consultant if you need help
  • SEO Friendly & W3C Standards compliant

Just some reasons why it is easier now to have your own great Website Design with WordPress. Developers should never charge you for the WordPress software, as it is Open Source. They should only charge based on how much time it takes for the Website Design and create your website for you using WordPress. Website Design with WordPress, get yourself onto the World Stage sooner rather than later.


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  1. I have updated this post, since I wrote it over a year ago. It needed to reflect the recent trend that WordPress is creating. It is a driving force with Content Marketing and many of the worlds best websites are created using WordPress.

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