Brief SEO Analysis and Recommendation

I would be happy to help you with your Digital Marketing & SEO in the best way I can.
We firstly need to do some analysis to determine what we are dealing with so we don’t go off on the wrong tangent.

I can take a look for you, and come back with some recommendations by doing some SEO Analysis to give you a brief outline of where you need to go from here.

This includes what data I can gather with our tools, without Google Analytics or Search Console access. I run the tools on the site and highlight the main issues. I also address the questions you have sent me, and help you formulate a plan. Then I create a 15-minute video, and send that to you with a PDF report.


  • Perform prior SEO analysis
  • Address main items
  • 15-minute walkthrough video
  • PDF Analysis reports
  • Report shared to your SEMrush account or emailed
After the completion of the SEO Analysis and Recommendation, we will have some understanding of what is required to reach your goals. This allows us to discuss the required website changes, or put campaign plans in place. Most importantly it helps us determine what kind of costs you will be looking at to achieve your desired goals and over what timeframe for the outcomes.
Below is an example of me doing Live SEO Analysis, auditing a website on the SEMrush Youtube channel
Also see below for an example non-profit Brief SEO Website Analysis in the form of a live audit.

Of course, the benefit of the video done of the analysis is you get my knowledge and experience on how you can make changes and improvements.

This Audit then allows us to get some idea of what you will need to address to get further SEO results to help reach outcomes strategy, as opposed to just paying for a general package, which might not be very targeted, and results might be poorer.

The analysis and recommendations results are yours to take away, and you are free to complete the work in-house or employ a professional, it’s up to you.

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