Technical SEO Audit and Strategy


These audits are designed to be a broad technical and strategic health check. Any obvious issues will be highlighted and should be addressed in due course.

SEO is really a subset of Digital Marketing in the broader sense of the term. A huge number of factors, over 200 for Google alone, can influence your results. We focus on and address appropriate factors as necessary according to a strategic direction.

Findings highlighted in the audit will help determine strategic actions items, which can be implemented for better SEO results.

Technical SEO Audit and Strategy

Details of what you get
For www.[yourdomain].com
Technical SEO Audit and Strategy, includes:

  1. 15 min. discussion about objectives and aims of the audit
  2. Technical analysis of the site and its SEO elements
  3. Compilation of an audit PDF documenting findings
  4. 1 hr. consulting and strategy; 30 min. video walkthrough, and 30 min. discussion
  5. Recommendations from audit including implementation guidance and strategy

Depending on the level of details required, it usually takes one to two weeks to complete.


Click here to Download a PDF Demo Audit Results Document


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