Top 5 SEO Expert Blogs by the best available

My Top 5 SEO Expert Blogs by the best experts available in the Search Engine Marketing Industry. So the Olympics are under way as we speak, on my TV now, high competition in the games. How much competition do you think there is to get on the first page of Google, for your keywords? There are many other businesses that offer similar services as I do, and they all want the first page of Google too right? So how do you do it? Well the truth is anyone can do it, if they have the time and patience and willingness to learn and practice. Continue reading “Top 5 SEO Expert Blogs by the best available”

Fast WordPress Setup 3 Step Install your Website

This is the The Bare-bones The 3 Step How to Install your WordPress Website

This is a very Bare-bones version on how to Install WordPress. For a much more detailed version read the Detailed Instructions on Installing WordPress.

3 Steps:

1. Download WordPress and extract into a directory on you local machine.

2. Create a MySQL database and a user and give access and modify privileges to the db user.

3. FTP the WordPress files to your server and run wp-admin/install.php and follow the instructions on screen.

Your done!

Well if you follow your nose your done that is. It is pretty self explanatory.

I Learned this stuff from the Famous 5-Minute Install Please go take a look at other great resources over there.



Web Design Questions to Ask Clients Brian Hoff Inspired

Brian Hoff - Follow on twitter
Brian Hoff – Follow on twitter

The right Web Design Questions to Ask of customers during initial consultations is key to getting a good outcome. If you looking for a Website Designer, or looking to add a Blog Website to your existing business, then the below list is a good place to start thinking before the initial consult.

I want to give the very best quality information to my readers, so for that reason I am passing on some knowledge I learned from Brian Hoff, a Web Design industry world leader. I try not to reinvent the wheel, but I like to put my own take on things, as below.

Web Design Questions to Ask Website Clients:

About the Business:

  1. Do you have a website, if so what’s the website address?
  2. Give a Description of the products/services you sell.
  3. Your top competitors and your point of difference?
  4. What bugs you with your current website?
  5. Your favourite thing about your current website?
  6. What do your competitors websites do that you like?
  7. Demographic of your target Audience?

About the Website:

  1. How Tech savvy are your customers, from zero to ten?
  2. Do your customers need special access to the website, such as Mobile browsing, international language support, larger text for reading, etc.?
  3. What are the success factors. Think 5 years from now, and say “I know my website works because…” fill in the blanks?
  4. What are the 3 most important design features for your new website?
  5. The 3 least important things for your new website?
  6. Existing branding, and colors you do/not want to have in the new design?
  7. Can you list some example websites that you like and give links so the designer can follow up?
  8. Do you have a deadline, or any timing considerations for date of completion?
  9. What is your budget for the new website design?

Additional questions:

  1. Do you want to make content updates to the website your self using CMS console?
  2. Are you wanting to sell products or items and taking payments on the website through the use of an e-commerce shopping cart?
  3. Do you have existing copy you want to use on your new website and/or do you need it changed and/or need a copywriter to create more?
  4. Is your current logo and other images already prepared by a graphic artist to be put on the new website?
  5. Do you have a complete set of images to be included on the website, or do you need the designer to create new imagery where appropriate?
  6. How do you plan on using a Webmaster to update content on the website in the future?
  7. Are you considering us to provide essential SEO services for getting your website found online?
  8. Do you have an existing domain and technically suitable web hosting for the new website? If so please provide to determine suitability?
  9. Other features you want included? Members Log in, Calendars, Forums, Blog, Subscription Services for RSS or email newsletters?

Of course any additional Web Design Questions to Ask and comments that may come up during initial consult can be added to the extra space you have on the form.

Loose the geek talk, don’t turn the consult into a techno babble festival of yadda, yadda, yadda. Better to converse in simple easy to understand terms to be the best outcome for the client and the designer.

Please go the Brian’s web page to read what I deem to be quality set of Questions to ask clients before designing a website Thanks so much Brian, I hope you like my take on this.

I am passionate about bringing the awesome revenue generating power of Blogs to local businesses in Bendigo and around the World. Here is a local business blog I have created for Grant’s IT Solutions in Bendigo. Also, here is a Blog I created for Golf Pain Away in the USA. If you would like more information then please click the button below and just give you name and contact details so I can contact you back in regards to you Website or Blog questions.

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Choose a WordPress Consultant to Design your SEO Friendly Website

WordPress Consultant Peter Mead iT

Talking with Web Design clients really drives home that WordPress is the Website Blog platform of choice now days. But how do you choose a good WordPress Consultant? Well don’t just get talked into it, instead listen to what other experts have to say.
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10 Minute SEO with Maile Ohye

You can do  in 10 Minute SEO with Maile Ohye, from Google advises your startup as she give you 10 minutes as your personal SEO consultant. If you never do anything else please take notes and implement the actions SEO in 10 Minutes with Maile Ohye.
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