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Talking with Web Design clients really drives home that WordPress is the Website Blog platform of choice now days. But how do you choose a good WordPress Consultant? Well don’t just get talked into it, instead listen to what other experts have to say.

Judith Kalos is a WordPress expert and I really respect her for the knowledge she freely gives as a leader in the industry and has created a WordPress Consultant Checklist. I have summarised her list as follows:

  • Check consultant’s site to see how they are using WordPress.
  • How long have they worked with WordPress?
  • Is location important to you? Timezone differences and contact  hours.
  • E-mail them and see how quickly they respond.
  • Are they available for ongoing WordPress support?
  • Do they offer WordPress training as part of their services?
  • Do they have policies about their WordPress services?
  • Are they clear about their fees and billing?

Read the full article from Judith Kalos at

Two guys I really respect they have created a list of WordPress consultants, visit Chris and Nik from



I have been creating websites since 1997 when HTML 3.1 was a cool thing, with animated gif’s and Netscape for a browser. A lot has changed since then, and in 2003 WordPress came onto the world stage. Who could have known it would rise the the dizzy heights that it now boasts. During my years as a programmer, I spent a lot of time coding C# and ASP.NET. During this time my fellow programmers scorned at WordPress. But even if you don’t like it, it must be said, that WordPress is changing the way that Websites and Blogs are built and delivered.

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7 thoughts on “Choose a WordPress Consultant to Design your SEO Friendly Website

  1. I am so thankful for WP. It has made it possible for me to share my little bit of the world with others without spending the money to have someone set up my site and then money to have someone make changes on my site.

    There is a place for programmer and the education they have. So, its nice to have the options of do it yourself or having a professional help you if you want.

    1. Thanks for the comment Shawn.

      I agree WordPress has made it possible for people to take a place on the Internet and make a blog with no need for a programmer at all. Not like it used to be.

      The Web has changed and so has the world along with it. It is a more giving place now.

      Peter Mead

  2. Great points, Peter — I agree, there is more to look at than just a portfolio. Some people may create lovely sites but if the communication and support are lacking it can be nightmare-ish.

    On a side note, the animated .gif and Netscape note made me laugh — Wow… Does anyone still use Netscape these days? I totally forgot about Netscape! ha haa

  3. Good idea putting together a checklist like this. I’m forwarding the link for this post to a friend who is a designer and was thinking about creating a checklist for his clients. Thanks!

    1. Hey, thanks for comments. Yeah, it does help… I mean you don’t actually have to have the list on paper in front of you at a meeting all the time. But at leaset consider the key point for the individual client needs… 😉

      Peter Mead

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