My role as a consultant means I am multi-skilled, working closely with the client to achieve specific strategic outcomes. I will for most clients, and if appropriate, complete the work and execute the services myself, in a hands-on no-nonsense manner.

I also have a team of highly skilled professionals and can refer to partners when specialized items need to be completed. This approach gives the client a very personalized service based on strategic analysis and desired outcomes.

 SEO Consulting Services Include:

  1. FREE SEO Check for Top 3 Issues

  2. Brief SEO Analysis & Recommendations

  3. Technical SEO Audit & Strategy

  4. SEO Content Marketing Services

  5. WordPress SEO Consulting Services

The Right Consulting Process

The best approach I have found over the years is the be the hands-on, individual consultative approach where we do the analysis on everything individually, and provide recommendations to based on what the analysis shows. From here we can complete the work for you, or you can use your own in-house teams.

In general, the SEO consulting process is as follows:

1. Pre-qualification discussion to determine the business objectives and what the main pain points are.

2. Information gathering and gaining access to systems to be able to collect and analyse the data.

3. Benchmark and reporting to snapshot the current positions and give a forward reporting framework.

3. Conduct the Analysis taking into account the information supplied and the client supplied questions.

4. Document the Findings of the analysis listing the issues found with human-readable descriptions.

5. Provide Recommendations for expected improvements and how to address the issues.

6. Plan the Execution of services engaging me to complete the work or keep it in-house.

7. Reviews and Adjust periodically the progress of improvements determining further requirements.

It’s all in the execution of the services

What’s the measure of success? Its all in the execution of the services. No matter how much analysis, planning strategy and reporting we do, unless the issues are addressed, and we execute the services in a quality way, we will not see the improvements we are seeking. So we need to take action and get the recommendations performed to a high standard of implementation.

This can be done using your own in-house team of techs, or I can provide a proposal to execute the services. There is an obvious benefit to me implementing the work since I have performed the analysis and have an in-depth understanding of it, and many years of experience in doing so.

That being said many in-house teams do exceptionally well when executing the recommendations made. It will also depend on the volume of work required, and ultimately the hours involved which may determine how the services are executed. This is also discussed during the consulting process.

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